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faqs about company

1. Q: How long have you been creating recognition awards? A: As a company, we’ve been producing awards for over 30 years.

2. Q: Why buy from AwardsIdeas.com? A: Whether you’re looking for great selection, unrivaled customer support, competitive prices or creative input, you’ve found it in us. We go the extra mile to satisfy all of your needs, before, during and after your award is presented to your recipient.

3. Q: What are your customer service hours? A: Our main office is open 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Eastern Time to receive phone calls. Some of our representatives make themselves available to clients during extended hours as well. Email is answered 24 hours/day, usually getting a response within a few hours.

4. Q: Can I place my order any time? A: You sure can. The online ordering system is available 24 hours/day. You can also email us (info@awardsideas.com) with your orders 24 hours/day. You may also call any time during customer service hours. After hours, leave a message and we’ll get back to you quickly. Messages are often checked after hours.

5. Q: What is the parent company, Flexi Display Marketing? A: Flexi Display Marketing is a marketing and promotions company that has two smaller divisions. The parent company specializes in tradeshow displays, tradeshow accessories and signage. AwardsIdeas.com specializes in recognition materials. AwarenessIdeas.com specializes in employee awareness materials and promotional products, dealing specifically in the energy, recycling and safety markets. We can help you create promotion where you need it.

6. Q: Will I have access to the same account rep when I call? A: Absolutely! As we’re a company with a hands-on approach, you can request to talk to the representative of your choice. Anyone at the company can help you with an order, give answers and make the process as simple and trouble free as possible.

7. Q: What is the average response time to my questions? A: Phone calls get instant person-to-person response during customer service hours. No long waits, no queues, no automated response system. We put the person in personalized service! Emails are responded to within 2-3 hours typically, 24 hours/day. Orders placed in our cart are responded to by either phone or email within 8 hours, with many of them responded to in much less time.

8. Q: Who are your clients? A: Our clients are many and you’ve heard of most. Think Industry companies. Think Retail companies. Think Service Industries. Think non-profits.  Think government agencies. Think Hospitals. Think schools.  Think small business. Think of retail stores who wish to resell items to their customers. We make award buying easy for everyone, regardless of industry or budget.

9. Q: What makes AwardsIdeas.com a great choice for awards? A: Being a marketing and design company that deals in many aspects of employee awareness and employee motivation, we realized the value in providing awards that really create a feeling and provide a message to the recipient that they are appreciated. Our customers feel assured that any award they choose will be designed to stand out in a crowd and their recipient will be proud.


10. Q: Are there setup fees? A: Yes, there are setup charges on some of our awards.  With most, it's $59 for the setup and $8 - $12 per name change when purchasing multiple awards. If you get 10 of the same awards with different names, you pay $59 once and $8 - $12 for each of the new names.

11. Q: Do I have to pay setup charges on reorders of the same award with the same artwork? A: This depends on the award. Typically, if we have your art on file and you’re purchasing the same award, there is either no setup fee or a reduced setup fee.

12. Q: Are there artwork charges? A: For Camera Ready art or orders over $500, there are no art changes on simple art. The definition of “simple” in this case is artwork that is easily created or fixed to meet our production needs.

13. Q: What is Camera Ready Art? A: Camera Ready Art is artwork that meets our technical specifications for font size, image format and quality. We will gladly inspect your art, free of charge, to determine if it is camera ready.

14. Q: What’s a carving/engraving area? Why are there sometimes more than one? A: A carving area is the place on the award for your personalization. There are sometimes multiple areas. Some are sized for images or text, others are for text only. These areas are specific to each award and may be limited by physical space or your design. Contact us for details.

15. Q: What if I want a blank (unpersonalized) award? A: We can do that too! We make a point of stocking blank awards for quick shipment, if necessary. Many can be shipped same day or next day, depending on inventory, if you’d like them blank.

16. Q: What is a Personalization Charge? A: A personalization charge is a per-award charge in addition to the setup charge for changing names or titles between awards. For instance, lets say you order 10 of the same award. The same logo is used on every award. There is a one time setup fee with this award. If you add a line of personalization (such as a name, or a team name or a company division) to these awards, you’ll pay a personalization charge per award. This charge changes from $8-12/award, depending on the award, the type of personalization and other requirements.

17. Q: How long do you keep my art on file? A: Typically, 1 year. Sometimes, more than that. If you find you’ll be ordering from us regularly (such as annually, or more often), let us know to put your art on permanent file.

18. Q: Are there any other charges besides personalization and setup with your standard awards? A: With our standard awards, no. Custom awards may require special tooling or molding or setups, but any stock award holds no additional charges than setup, personalization and shipping.

19. Q: Do my awards come with a gift box? A: Many awards come with a gift box. Most that do have this feature listed in the item’s description. If you have a specific question concerning a gift box, please either call us or email us and we’ll confirm this award’s box for you.

20. Q: Can I get a blank award and have it engraved or etched elsewhere? A: This depends on the award. Some awards offer engraving plates or special surfaces which may be etched by other vendors. While we specialize in the personalization of your award, there may be a time in which logistics require you to receive a blank award and engrave later (such as buying a bulk lot of awards that will be used annually for ceremonies in which persons named for the award would be determined later.)

21. Q: How do I submit my artwork to AwardsIdeas? A: You may e-mail all artwork to  info@awardsideas.com. If your artwork is large or you would rather not email it, contact us (800-875-1725 or info@awardsideas.com) to set up FTP access or other means of artwork transfer.

22. Q: I don’t have artwork for my custom order. What do I do? A: Our team of talented artists and designers will be happy to create a fantastic design for you. We offer free consulting to develop an award and message that will satisfy your needs. We’re capable of producing imagery, using a number of fonts and adding effects that make your award stand out.

23. Q: Can you provide a sketch or layout of custom plaques or awards so I can review before purchasing? A:  Yes. We provide a layout to your award via email or fax to ensure quality and integrity of your chosen design. Once this proof reaches you, we ask that you sign the verification and fax back with any changes that may be necessary.

24. Q: Once I purchase an award, Do I receive a paper proof of my engraving? A: We are happy to supply one paper proof via fax at no additional charge. We will provide a proof of the desired imprint on a template of the item ordered so you can approve the size, positioning and spelling. Written approval must be returned via fax within 24 hours so your order will not be delayed.

25. Q: Is silkscreening and photometal art available? A: On some pieces, yes, we are able to do silkscreening and photometal art. Our silkscreening process offers solid spot color screening and four-color process screening. Any art being screened in solid PMS spot colors must need to be supplied in a vector format with all elements being solid black & white. Any art that is intended for our four-color process screening needs to be supplied in CMYK color format. Vector art can be supplied in full color as it is to be produced. Any photo images to be screened in four-color process will need to be supplied in a raster format such as TIFF, GIF or JPEG with a resolution of 300 d.p.i. or greater. Our Photometal process requires all photos to be supplied in a grayscale raster format such as TIFF, GIF or JPEG with a resolution of 300 d.p.i. or greater. All photo images need to be supplied at approximately the size at which they are to be produced. To find out which pieces are available for this process, please call us toll-free (800-875-1725).

26. Q: What format can my art files be in? A: Art can be accepted in the following outlined form vector-based formats: Freehand, Illustrator, Corel Draw. Again, all art must be vector-based.

27. Q: What are acceptable font sizes? A: For proper etching San Serif fonts (ex. Helvetica) should be a 12 pt or larger, Script fonts (ex. Shelly) should be 15 to 18 pt or larger, Serif fonts (ex. Times) should be 14 pt or larger. We refrain from using Open Face fonts (ex. Caslon Open Face), the lines are not thick enough and will not etch clearly.
Here are the standard acceptable fonts that we use regularly. If one of these will not fit your needs, let us know as we may be able to use a custom font.



28. Q: How do I report a lost or damaged shipment? A: We provide tracking numbers on all shipments and regularly track these for customers, ensuring that your shipment arrives safely and in a timely manner. If something should arrive damaged or not arrive at all, please inform us right away. If something arrives damaged and the box was obviously damaged in shipping, it's important that you bring it to the shipper's attention immediately and photograph it to prove the problem to the shipper.

29. Q: What is included in your "Shipping Charge"? A: Along with the actual price of shipping, a small fee is added onto your order for in-house handling. This includes the labor and materials needed to ship your order safely and in a timely manner.

30. Q: How is my order shipped? A: Most orders are packaged in damage resistant boxes and shipped with our primary carrier, FedEx. If you have special shipping needs, we can meet those with our carrier, or your carrier, as the need arises.

31. Q: Are you effected by weather or holiday related delays? A: Unfortunately, anyone who ships by common carrier is. We’ll do our best to accommodate you in these situations, but we can not control the weather or holiday traffic.

32.  Q: Do you ship internationally? A: We can and do ship internationally. Prices for international shipments are substantial, but we can accommodate them if you need us to ship internationally. We are based out of Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA -- but can be seen worldwide!

33. Q: How do I get tracking numbers on shipments? A: Tracking numbers are mailed by your representative the morning after an item ships. We are working on a system to generate these numbers as the item ships, but for now we offer the tracking the morning after shipment. If you have a problem with a tracking number, please let us know immediately.

34. Q: What if I need to return an award? A: We do accept returns on incorrectly manufactured awards, as well as blank pieces. Contact us for an RMA number.

35. Q: How does the RMA process work? A: If an item is to be returned, contact us immediately to discuss your RMA. If the error is due to a defect from a proof you approved, we will work with you to correct the problem. If you approved artwork and the award arrives as approved but not what you wanted, it is the customer's responsibility to proof for spelling, grammar and layout. In cases where and order is rushed for a client and a proof is not available, the client understands that any incorrect information on or about the award is the responsibility of the client. If we find your claim to be valid, an RMA number will be issued and you may return the item to us for a refund. Refund is subject to restocking fee in some cases. Call us for details.

36. Q: Do you offer expedited shipping? A: Yes. We offer overnight 10:30 AM, Next Day Anytime, 2nd day and Ground Service. Items are shipped when expedited one day after production ends.

37. Q: Can I ship to a P.O. Box, APO or similar address? A: At this time, we can not ship to P.O. Boxes. FedEx will deliver to residences, businesses and government facilities only. Pending clearance from FedEx, we may be able to ship to APO or other addresses. This will be confirmed at the time of ordering.

38. Q: I’m in Canada, do international charges, duties and customs apply? A: Yes. When shipping to Canada, we have to make a customs declaration for the value of the award. Any expenses related to this procedure are the responsibility of the customer and will be discussed with you upon ordering.

39. Q: Is my purchase on back order? A: On the rare occasion that your items are out of stock, we will be sure to inform you right away via both phone and email, along with an estimated date that we expect to ship your order. If possible, we’ll offer suggestions on similar awards to fit your needs.



40. Q: How long does it take to get my award? A: Blank awards can be shipped typically within 1-2 days, assuming stock is available. Personalized awards are typically produced 10-14 days after artwork and payment approval. Customized awards, especially ones that require molding or tooling charges, may take 5-8 weeks depending on materials used and craftsmanship required. All of this will be finalized with you upon ordering. Sometimes, we can beat these times. Talk to us for an accurate timetable.

41. Q: Where are your awards produced? A: We have production facilities throughout the United States and WorldWide. If you need your award to be made solely in america, talk to us about it.

42. Q: What materials are your awards made of? A: Our awards are made of a variety of materials and we use only the highest quality raw ingredients to create them. These materials include crystal, glass, marble, granite, cultured stone, wood, metals and precious gems.

43. Q: I’m having trouble ordering online. What do I do? A: Occasionally, technology gets the best of us. If at any point in your browsing, ordering, payment or evaluating, feel free to call us (800-875-1725) or email us (info@awardsideas.com).  We’ll be glad to help.

44. Q: Do I have to use the Shopping Cart? A: The shopping cart is here for your use if you’d like. We actually recommend that you call us, as awards are a very personal decision and we’d like to assist you in the most hands-on way that you’d prefer.

45. Q: How often is the website updated? A: Our award lines are updated at least once per year, with some updating more often. That said, we often create new awards on a per-piece basis and add these as they come in. Other than inventory, we also update the information sections of our site regularly.

46. Q: My order shows no shipping costs or obviously incorrect shipping costs. What should I do? A: Shipping calculators are occasionally wrong. Before shipping any order, we verify the shipping costs and notify you of any changes. If you feel something is in error, please contact us immediately.

47. Q: Where do I put my personalization on my web order? A: When placing the order, there’s a space in the final checkout place for notes. Please feel free to use this area for note about your inscription, logo use or other branding information. All orders are reviewed with you over the phone (with our without this included information) to verify their integrity.

48. Q: How does your search function work? A: We use an open text search. It is not case sensitive and returns results from both our catalog and our articles. You can combine words for greater accuracy if you desire.

49. Q: What’s this “Awards or Sort By Price” thing about? A: One of the questions that we get most revolves around selecting awards by price range. Often times, budget concerns are an issue and we want to make it easy to choose the best award within your budget. Because of this, we have several price range categories available in our “awards by price” menu. Alternatively, if you would like an award made of a certain material (such as crystal, or granite), you may choose this award category and then apply the filter “Price Low to High”. This will help further aid your search. If you feel that you can’t find the perfect award without your budget, call us. We’ll be glad to assist in your search.


50. Q: What credit cards are accepted? A: We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We also take debit cards with any of these logos.

51. Q: Do you take PayPal? A: Yes, PayPal is an option when checking out.

52. Q: Do you take checks/money orders? A: Absolutely! We must receive the check in hand before production can begin. Check must clear our system before order can be shipped.

53. Q: Do you accept purchase orders? For public schools, government agencies, and large corporations, we may accept purchase orders. This process is subject to credit approval and may delay your order. Call for details.

54. Q: Is there a sales tax? A: A sales tax of 6% applies to all Michigan businesses and individuals that do not hold tax exempt status. Local applicable sales tax may apply in other states.

55. Q: Is my credit card information secure? A: Yes. Our website uses the latest 128-bit encryption technology, which is the strongest available protection currently available, and is considered safe against hackers.

56. Q: Do you share my e-mail address and/or phone number with others? A: Absolutely not. We realize the nuisance presented by spam and telemarketers, and as a result we have firm policies in place to protect your e-mail address and phone number from outsiders. Your information will never be sold or otherwise shared without your permission.

57. Q: When is my credit card charged? A: Your card is charged upon ordering. We typically charge the full amount of the sale and shipping upon order. In the case of large orders or special circumstances, we may take a half payment upon order and a half payment before shipping.

58. Q: Do you offer quantity discounts? A: Absolutely! This discount varies by award. Please ask for the quantity discount if ordering more than one award. Sometimes this quantity break is at 6 pieces, other times at 10, other times at 25 and other times at 100. There are further discounts if you order more.

 payment & billing

59. Q: How can I check the status of an order? A: You may e-mail us or call us at any time for status of your order. Once your order ships, a confirmation email will be sent with tracking information.

60. Q: Will AwardsIdeas confirm my order? A: Yes, once your order has been confirmed and is ready to enter production (for custom orders), or ship (for stock orders), we will send a final confirmation.

61. Q: What is the return policy? A: Our Quality Assurance department works hard to ensure that your awards will arrive in beautiful condition.

For custom orders, we will refund or exchange your order if the final product does not meet industry standards. In such cases, we will re-make the order free of charge, or we will issue a return authorization for the items if they are found to be defective. Custom awards not subject to returns unless there is a material or manufacturing defect.

62. Q: Do you offer a "Rush" service? A: We produce orders when you need them. Rush service is available in many instances. People are often surprised by how quickly our normal service is. If you have a rush need or a specific event date, please specify at the time or ordering. We’ll inform you of an expected delivery date then. 

63. Q: Are awards available in custom shapes and sizes? A: Call us with your special needs and I am sure we will be able to help. We’ve been producing awards for years in a variety of materials with precision and craftsmanship. When a stock award won’t work, we’ll gladly design and build anything your imagination desires.

64. Q:  I do not see the type of award that I want. Can you help? A: Absolutely.  While we carry thousands of pre-existing awards, we will gladly design any custom award from a collection of quality materials to fit your budget. The awards you see on the site are a small sample of our collection and we’ll be adding new items as we design them. Call us today for details. 800-875-1725.

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