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What you’ll like to know about us:

We really enjoy helping clients end up with recognition awards that exceed their expectations.

People find us and tell us they love our capabilities and what we’ve done for others.

We have been designing recognition awards for over 35 years. From the beginning our objective has been to help clients think outside the box and outside of ordinary. Being creative drives us happy.

Our website is full of quality prestigious awards both of stock designs and totally custom awards. What our clients can always depend on is our attention to the design elements that make every corporate award look like something very special.

Our production people are real experts, they are craftsmen. They pay attention to each project and take pride in their work. Our creative team likewise are experienced in helping you get the very nicest award they can design that works within your budget.

Custom awards are custom produced just for you. They are not sitting in inventory waiting to be sold. Each one is made by craftsmen and each one is unique. Custom corporate awards are our specialty. People from all over the country come to us for our ability to create better custom awards.

When you ask us to design a totally custom award we will become partners in that project. You can depend on us to ask appropriate questions and to show you concepts that will help you narrow down your choices to the style awards that will meet your award goal and budget. We’ll make this part of the process a comfortable one for you.

Our goal is to help you look good to your team and get you coming back..

Clients come back to us year after year because we take good care of them. If you decide to work with us, I promise you, we will look after you as well.



The AwardsIDEAS Team... inspiring joyful contribution to all people.
The AwardsIDEAS Team is an organization where people grow into their potential and make a difference in the fulfillment of goals.

Worldwide clients will see the AwardsIDEAS Team as their most logical resource.

The AwardsIDEAS Team applies their expanding skills to provide quality products and services that delight our clients, enabling our clients to communicate successfully with their customers, prospects and employees.

Our sales reps see the AwardsIDEAS Team as the most supportive, best in our chosen niche markets and a great opportunity and value for their clients.

AwardsIDEAS Team leadership is all over the place, born from each of us having a commitment to discover what's the best we can be.

The AwardsIDEAS Team is committed to improving the economic well-being and quality of life for all our stakeholders.

In an atmosphere of dignity, cooperation and commitment to excellence, we will be counting on each other to provide clients and each other with:

    * Sensitivity to the needs of all people involved.
    * Encouragement to set, and mutual support to reach... individual, team and company goals.
    * Open and honest communications that focus on support of our goals.
    * Internal and external customer service that is timely and cost effective.
    * Integrity in everything we do.

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